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Join us for the first PostgresConf Silicon Valley, hosted at the Hilton San Jose. Our Silicon Valley conference promises to be the perfect opportunity for all walks of Postgres life to connect, lead and learn all about Postgres and the related ecosystem.

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Conference Highlights

Oct 15 Helping to Solve World Hunger through AgensGraph

There is a fundamental problem that AgensGraph DMBS solves for the World Food Program (WFP); Moreover, the solution is not just limited to the WFP, this solution can be universally applied. What we are hitting upon is the core problem of how we store data about humans when there is so much heterogeneity with how the data is collected while also preserving the relationships between variables. This has the potential to be transformative for applications beyond the efforts of the United Nations...

Oct 15 Using TimescaleDB for time-series storage and analytics in Postgres

An Introductory Training on TimescaleDB TimescaleDB ( is an open-source time-series database, implemented as a Postgres extension, that improves insert rates by 20x over vanilla Postgres and offers much faster queries, while natively supporting full SQL (including JOINs). TimescaleDB achieves this by storing data on an individual server in a manner more common to distributed systems: heavily partitioning the data, stored in hypertables (,...


SiliconValley2018 has the most awesome program ever!
See rock-star speakers cover the topics of


Hardware acceleration of Postgres using FPGAs by HK Verma

Condenser - A Simple PostgreSQL Subsetting Tool by Adam Kamor

Viewing data at the intersection between roles by Lloyd Albin

End-to-End Encryption in Modern Database Architectures by David Szabo

Top 10 Mistakes When Migrating From Oracle to PostgreSQL by Jim Mlodgenski

Managing PostgreSQL-as-a-Service at Large Scale in SAP Multi-Cloud platform by Dinesh Kumar

I Didn't Know Postgres Could Do That! by Robert Treat

Modernizing the PostgreSQL developer experience with GraphQL by Tanmai Gopal

How To Index Your Database by Baron Schwartz

Building A Serverless Database Using Postgres by Nicolae Rusan

Using TimescaleDB for time-series storage and analytics in Postgres by Diana Hsieh


How to run Stateful application on EC2 Spot Instances by Amiram Shachar

Designing a data-access control architecture for GDPR by Pratik Verma

Taking care of the elephant by Michael Meskes

Building a DBaaS platform for Postgres by Bala Kuchibhotla

Best Practices for Running Postgres in Kubernetes by Jeff Silberman


The Art of Database Experiments by Nikolay Samokhvalov

Data Recovery in PostgreSQL on a damaged filesystem by Christopher Travers

Understanding High availability options for PostgreSQL by dharshan rangegowda

Improve Database Warehouse Performance 100x with a Database Proxy by Roland Lee

Tips and Tricks with Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL by Jignesh Shah


Dealing with Gigantic Tables by Linas Valiukas

Massively Parallel PostgreSQL For Analytics by Tushar Pednekar

Turning Data Teams Into Super Heroes by Harry Glaser

Postgres as a foundation for an operations data-science platform by Maryam Sanglaji

What's new in Postgres 11 by Tom Kincaid

Performant time-series data management and analytics with Postgres by Matvey Arye

Using an in-memory storage platform to bridge big-data systems by Bin Fan

Helping to Solve World Hunger through AgensGraph by Joshua Bae

Data pipelines with PostgreSQL and Kafka by Oskari Saarenmaa

Architecting distributed data for GDPR by Karthik Ranganathan

Operating Machine Learning & Massively Parallel Postgres on Kubernetes by Derek Comingore

Data Integrity at Scale - lessons learned building Google Cloud SQL by Alexis Guajardo

How YugaByte DB implements distributed PostgreSQL by Karthik Ranganathan

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