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Jeff Silberman


Jeff Silberman is Global Solutions Architect at Portworx, where his responsibilities include technical {sales, customer/partner enablement, marketing, account management}, as well as hands-on integration for container schedulers (Kubernetes, Mesos, Rancher, Nomad, and Swarm) and automation frameworks (Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation). Previously, Jeff was a member of the original Cisco UCS Technical Marketing Team and frequent speaker at Cisco Live worldwide. Prior to Cisco, Jeff spent four years at NetApp in the Advanced Product Development Group, bringing some of the industry's first unified fabric solutions to market. Jeff is a Berkeley native and has a BA in computer science from UC Berkeley.

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Containers and Kubernetes are two big trends in DevOps. However, it is not always obvious to DevOps teams how to containerize their databases, and how to operate using container platforms like Kubernetes. In this talk, we will discuss the benefits of containerizing databases and present best practices for running PostgreSQL in containers using Kubernetes.

We will cover how to use Kubernetes to deliver the following for Postgres: High Availability Snapshots Backup and Recovery Data Encryption Seamless database upgrades Blue-green deployments

Performance hints for converged infrastructure without sacrificing availability can apply for Postgres consistently on any environment, on-prem, AWS, Google, or Azure

Attendees will walk away with concrete recommendations that they can apply to their own environment.

2018 October 15 10:10 PDT
50 min
Winchester 1
Silicon Valley