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Oskari Saarenmaa is the CEO and one of the founders of Aiven, a next-generation managed cloud services company offering the best Open Source database and messaging technologies as fully-managed cloud services to businesses around the world. Oskari has previously worked as a software architect designing secure, large-scale database systems and network security infrastructure.

Oskari has been using PostgreSQL professionally since the version 6.4 back in 1999.

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Apache Kafka is a high-performance open-source stream processing platform for collecting and processing large numbers of messages in real-time. It's used in an increasingly large number of data pipelines to handle events such as website click streams, transactions and other telemetry in real-time and at scale. Kafka's core benefit is clean decoupling of event producing and consuming logic which makes it possible to easily update event processing logic and add new components to the mix while maintaining a clean architecture.

This session focuses on connecting Kafka and PostgreSQL to automatically update a relational database with incoming Kafka events, allowing you to use PostgreSQL's powerful data aggregation and reporting features on the live data stream.

2018 October 15 14:30 PDT
50 min
Winchester 2
Silicon Valley