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Tanmai Gopal


Tanmai is the co-founder of

He is a StackOverflow powered fullstack, polyglot developer whose areas of interest and work span react, GraphQL, nodejs, haskell, docker, postgres & kubernetes. He is passionate about making it easy to build complex things and is the instructor of India's largest MOOC with over 250,000 students.

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GraphQL makes it easy for frontend developers to query their backend APIs. At Hasura, we've built a GraphQL engine that works on top of a Postgres database and gives automatically developers a GraphQL backend that they can use to perform "CRUD" and "watch" operations on. The GraphQL engine also adds an access control layer for application users, inspired by postgres's RLS.

In this talk, after briefly motivating the importance of GraphQL, I'll talk about the architecture of the GraphQL engine and then dive into Postgres features that we exploited to make it easy to build a high-performance GraphQL application server. This talk will the following topics:

1) Using JSON aggregations to reduce serialization/deserialization overhead

2) Using triggers to enforce dynamic access control rules

3) Storing metadata and keeping it in sync with the postgres schema (during DDL queries)

4) GraphQL query variables and postgres prepared statements

2018 October 16 14:00 PDT
50 min
Winchester 2
Silicon Valley