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Maryam Sanglaji


Maryam is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix. She has over ten years of experience in various datacenter infrastructure technologies. Prior to Nutanix she was in Product Management at Dell EMC working on DSSD. Here at Nutanix, Maryam leads the Machine Learning, Core Datapath & Data Protection, DBaaS, and Managed Kubernetes services. She is a graduate of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley.


Mark Chamness


Mark Chamness is Director of Data Science at Nutanix where he leads the machine learning, BI, & data warehousing teams. He has published multiple articles and has 16 granted patents in the application of machine learning. He earned a B.S. in Physics from the California Institute of Technology and M.S. in Statistics from San Jose State University. Chamness was a Ph.D. Physics candidate at Brown University where he conducted research under Nobel Laureate, Leon Cooper.

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Nutanix, an “Enterprise Cloud” software company collects an enormous amount of operational data in the customer’s cloud clusters, from storage traffic to compute performance to network patterns.

In addition to analyzing customer derived data, the data-science team also uses Postgres to report financials and internal operations data to every layer of management, from the C-suite to the product management.

In this overview, we will discuss how we selected Postgres for our critical data, the scale and growth of our enterprise data, and how Postgres and Tableau satisfy our requirements for agile data-access and financial compliance as a fast-growing publicly-traded company.

2018 October 15 11:10 PDT
20 min
Winchester 2
Silicon Valley