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Diana Hsieh


Diana wrangles product and customer success at Timescale. She spends much of her time talking to users to figure out how to make the product better. Prior to Timescale, she was a PM at Cockroach Labs, also based in New York. She has worked with tech companies for most of her career, starting out on the financial services side supporting and investing in enterprise startups. In her free time, she dabbles in jazz piano and blogging. She blogs both about product management and general database concepts.

Team mat

Matvey Arye


Mat has been working on data infrastructure in both academia (Princeton, PhD) and industry. As one of TimescaleDB's core architects he works on performance, scalability, and query power. Previously, he attended Stuyvesant, The Cooper Union, and Princeton.


Andrew Staller

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An Introductory Training on TimescaleDB

TimescaleDB is an open-source time-series database, implemented as a Postgres extension, that improves insert rates by 20x over vanilla Postgres and offers much faster queries, while natively supporting full SQL (including JOINs). TimescaleDB achieves this by storing data on an individual server in a manner more common to distributed systems: heavily partitioning the data, stored in hypertables, into chunks to ensure that hot chunks corresponding to recent time records are maintained in memory. This partitioning is taken care of automatically for the user by the system.

In this training, attendees will learn about TimescaleDB, its partitioning mechanisms, what hypertables and chunks are, configuration and data modeling, how to insert data, how to query data (both basic and advanced queries), and how to visualize data in Grafana. We will go over this while putting certain data models and queries in the context of common use cases that TimescaleDB is deployed for.

Again, TimescaleDB is implemented as an extension to Postgres, so your knowledge of Postgres is quite transferrable. We are excited to learn as much from those who attend as we are to teach users on the basics of TimescaleDB. T-Shirts and stickers will also be up for grabs. Hope to see you there!

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2018 October 15 13:00 PDT
3 h
Winchester 1
Silicon Valley
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Yes (Registered: 5)