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Ivan Novick


Ivan Novick is a Greenplum Database champion; having worked on the Greenplum technology since 2009, he has expertise accross the full stack of the Greenplum technology from internal development to user best practices and hardware selection and optimization. Ivan leads the product team at VMware working on Greenplum and also regularly meets with Greenplum users around the world, learning from the users and sharing his experience. Outside of work, Ivan lives in California and enjoys swimming, walking and learning yoga.


Jacque Istok


Jacque Istok serves as the Head of Data for Pivotal, responsible for setting both data strategy and execution of pre and post sales activities for data engineering and data science. Prior to that, he was Field CTO helping customers architect and understand how the entire Pivotal portfolio could be leveraged appropriately. A hands on technologist, Mr. Istok has been implementing and advising customers in the architecture of big data applications and back end infrastructure the majority of his career. Prior to Pivotal, Mr. Istok co-founded Professional Innovations, Inc. in 1999, a leading consulting services provider in the business intelligence, data warehousing, and enterprise performance management space, and served as its President and Chairman. Mr. Istok is on the board of several emerging startup companies and serves as their strategic technical advisor.

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PostgreSQL hits scalability limits when reaching terabyte scale. To solve this, engineers resort to data sharding. However, when sharding data, then re-assembling the data and joining data between PostgreSQL instances becomes a bottleneck. As the number of shards, or number of postgres instances continues to grow, operational complexity and performance get incrementally difficult to manage. VMware's Greenplum solves this issue by providing a PostgreSQL native massively parallel architecture which allows for easy and powerful scaling of PostgreSQL. Jacque and Ivan will provide an update on the Greenplum technology and how it is leveraged in terabyte and petabyte scale use cases.

2022 April 7 15:00 PDT
20 min
Santa Clara
Silicon Valley 2022