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Ian Pytlarz

Purdue University

Lead Data Scientist at Purdue University, Ian oversees all data science efforts in the University administration. His team uses greenplum and postgres to solve a variety of problems the university faces, from what grades students get in their classes to how students navigate their curricula to whether or not they will even show up on campus. Prior to Purdue he worked as a Market Research Analyst building marketing mix models for a wide variety of clients.

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The COVID Pandemic was an unprecedented challenge for universities across the world. How could operations continue in person without unacceptable risk of life and illness? Purdue decided to pursue methods of safe in-person education shortly after lockdowns began in March. The ability to open safely was achieved in large part through data-driven decision making. Executives and the medical team received up-to-the-minute analytics built off of a sophisticated, Purdue-developed, data ecosystem and digital contact tracing system. These tools worked together to contain the spread of COVID and allow Purdue to continue operations in person from Fall 2020 onwards.

2022 April 7 15:40 PDT
50 min
Santa Clara
Silicon Valley 2022