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Michael Meskes holds a Ph.D. in database science and has worked in the open-source industry his whole career. After his time at RWTH Aachen university he started and ran credativ, a pure open-source company that is now part of NetApp, where Michael is still leading the same group of open-source enthusiasts. On top of that he is tasked with improving open-source work within NetApp.

Coming from the Unix landscape he started working on free and open-source software in 1993 and subsequently joined several free software projects like the Linux kernel (1994), Debian GNU/Linux (1995) and PostgreSQL (1996). He is still active as a Debian developer and a PostgreSQL committer as much as his real life commitments allow him to.

Michael has engaged in significant open-source evangelism and given related presentations at numerous events. He teaches open-source infrastructure and cloud components at a local university as an adjunct professor.

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No single Open Source project can exist all by itself, all software tools run in an environment that consists of a lot of other software, most if not all of which again can be Open Source. Likewise there are Open Source projects whose goal it is to integrate different tools to create a full blown solution for users. The first such projects were Linux distributions, but the current way of deployment opens new ways of simplifying the usage of Open Source software.

This presentation shows the Elephant-Shed, an Open Source project that integrates PostgreSQL with all the environment needed for a full blown database server using a variety of Open Source tools like prometheus and grafana. It shows why this approach is needed, how the project was started, where it stands and where it is headed.

2019 July 5 09:40 CST
30 min
JINGGE HALL TRACK1 - English Track
Beijing 2019
English Speaker Track