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Michael Meskes


Michael Meskes is President and CEO of the credativ Group, an industry leader in free software services with offices in five countries. Its Open Source Support Centers employ leading members of a number of Open-Source projects. He has been Open-Source developer for twenty years working on different Open-Source projects among which Debian and PostgreSQL are most widely known. He also has done a lot of Open-Source related presentations on all sorts of events doing a lot of Open-Source evangelism.

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No single Open Source project can exist all by itself, all software tools run in an environment that consists of a lot of other software, most if not all of which again can be Open Source. Likewise there are Open Source projects whose goal it is to integrate different tools to create a full blown solution for users. The first such projects were Linux distributions, but the current way of deployment opens new ways of simplifying the usage of Open Source software.

This presentation shows the Elephant-Shed, an Open Source project that integrates PostgreSQL with all the environment needed for a full blown database server using a variety of Open Source tools like prometheus and grafana. It shows why this approach is needed, how the project was started, where it stands and where it is headed.

2019 July 5 09:40 CST
30 min
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Beijing 2019
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